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If you usually work with several computers at the same time, you usually have to copy files from one to the other. Allway Sync is an alternative to the traditional method. With this program you will have the same files in all the computers, exactly the same, so you are sure you are working with the correct file.

A very useful tool. It will allow us to synchronize a folder in our PC with other folder in other PC and we will no have to take care about those files we don't remember if we copied or not.

Very easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface, we will only have to select the origin folder, the destiny one and press Synchronize.

Allway Sync is safe, reliable and easy to use!
Allway Sync – the right way to back-up files

One of the Achilles' heel of the digital age is how little users actually think about backing ups files. Sure, leaving a copy or two on the cloud is all well and good, but the safest option is spreading your files by duplicating and loading your content into several different places. Doing this by hand is extremely tedious, which is why tools like Allway Sync were developed to make your life easier. Allway Sync automatically syncs all of your folders or whole drives regardless of whether or not they're already stored on a local or remote network. 
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